"The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra."

Jimmy Johnson

Experience Maya

What would it feel like to forget the outside world and surrender to a skilled sensual healer?

Allow me to take you there...

Imagine for a moment you are lying warm and relaxed on my heated massage table. You feel the sound of my breath and voice close in your ear as you relax into my expert hands.  My intuitive touch and soothing voice reach deep into your very being, soothing and then exciting all the right places of your body and mind. Your journey is just beginning. You think to yourself, "If this is a dream, may i never awaken, if not, may I never sleep."

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I'll meet you there."


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“Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.” 

~Thích Nhất Hạnh

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Where is Maya??

My homebase is in the San Francisco Bay Area but I travel regularly to my studio in Chicago. When home, I am available at my studio in the North Bay/Marin every Tuesday - Thursday, 12-8pm.  Sun/Wed afternoons are also options for those booking in advance.


COMING SOON!!! Thursday, May 18th - Sunday, May 21st

Mon June 26th - Sun July 2nd

Mon, July 24th - Sat, July 29th


A RANDY RUB (70min - Available to Returning Patrons Only!)

320 -  A quick check-in and tune-up for established devotees that are in need of a lift but short on time;


450 - A brief initiation to meditative and ecstatic breath practices + bodywork sound healing, and aromatherapy; great for beginners or seasoned practitioners


550 - A longer, more indulgent journey into Tantric practice and massage, playing with exercises in giving vs receiving. Sessions may include time for an indulgent sacred bath ceremony and/or Tantra partner yoga instruction.


725 - A decadent immersion into Tantric practice and playful conscious sexual exploration. More time allows for a deeper, more expansive connection to build before diving into more intimate space with one another. Understanding of one another begins through conversation and exercises in consent, as well as giving and receiving play. Extended sessions may include any or all of the following: intimacy counseling, Tantric philosophy and meditations, sweet bubble bath, bodywork, and Sacred Spot Massage. *Start with dinner and drinks to make an evening of it! Please inquire for details and rates.


*These are only outlines of what a session in my luxurious sanctuary might entail. Every meeting is different and catered to meet the individual needs of each seeker.

*All sessions include refreshments, bodywork, and aromatherapy. Please inform me about any special needs or chemical sensitivities/allergies.


I am a discerning and low volume provider. I meet new clients on a case by case basis who show up in integrity from the time of first contact. I accept only those who are honest seekers of my healing presence and Tantric knowledge.  Due to the very intimate nature of my offerings, there is a screening process in place for ALL of my first time clients. This is NON-negotiable. If the thought of sharing yourself with me in this way does not work for you, then I am not the provider for you! <3

Feeling safe and secure is absolutely essential for both of us. Only then can we have an open conversation about our time together and relax into the moments we spend together. My safety and your privacy are my very top priorities!

For initial contact, I greatly appreciate an introductory email! Please be a gentleman. One line, or disrespectful, emails will be deleted. In short, tell me a little about yourself; how do you think I can help?; what attracted you most to my website and offerings??; etc etc. =)

I do my very best to accommodate all inquiries, but I often simply cannot answer every inquiry I receive in a day. Please be patient and know that email introductions are best.

Preference will be given to returning patrons and those booking in advance. Same day appointments are generally reserved for those with whom I am already acquainted.



Send me a message! You can reach me at my email address at any time. I will only accept calls and texts from returning patrons or those who have set up a time to speak with me in advance.

For new clients, please send me an email telling me a little about yourself, the length of session you are interested in, and the day and time you prefer, and how you found my website. Please be a gentleman during this process. Again, one liners and disrespectful emails are immediately deleted.

Email: Azulita@protonmail.com (New clients start here!)

Phone: (415) 779-2027 (texts not accepted)

Other places you may have seen me:



“Wherever you are, and whatever you do, be in love.” 

~ Rumi

"The greatest thing, we'll ever learn, is to be loved, and love in return."

~ Eden Ahbez

Love Maya


Check out my reviews on TheEroticReview!


"WOW! What an incredible experience with an incredible woman! Thank you so much for the absolute pleasure of your company today. What a way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I am truly blessed to have met you in my time on this Earth."

~Bob / Chicago (10/2016)

"I came to Maya when I was in pain, physically and emotionally. I was looking for distraction, a way to escape my problems, to leave them behind, at least for a little while. Within minutes she deduced my deeper hurts, put me at ease, encouraged me to relax under her gentle ministrations. Her soothing voice, the scents she had compounded, her hands, her body, her mind suffused me with a gentle joy that first time. Her empathetic ability to discern the true person, her desire to help ease that person's pain, and her desire to do so are palpable. She made me feel loved and cared for. She also made me feel good! I have returned again and again and will continue to do so, for her healing touch and her musical voice and her care for me. She is a hedonistic and spiritual gem."

~ T.B. / San Francisco (Jul 2016)


"On one of her recent Chicago visits, I experienced the introduction to Tantric Practice with Maya. Right from the start I could see that I was in the hands of an expert, and it was best for me to let her be the captain of my ship. The journey she navigated was an incredible combination of sight, sound, aroma and of course touch. The culmination was INTENSE and afterwards I felt a weightlessness that still lingers.

~T.P. / Chicago (Sept 2016)


”Maya is a destination resort in my very own backyard. Whether I arrive feeling alive or drained, she is aware and conscious and interacts with me as I am and takes me someplace else. I leave feeling stronger and more alive, and sometimes maybe in need of an Uber! We can go many different places, from meditative to playful to frisky to warm and engaging. No visit is exactly the same. This variety is just pure awareness and realness, in the moment engagement, with no sense of planning or being scripted. She uses essential oils to help the process, and can be silent, vocal, engaging, singing, all in the blink of an eye or two. I value her unlike any other for her realness and her quality of presence, and just her overall wonderful experience creation!”

~ M.M. / San Francisco (Nov 2015)


“I’ve been seeing Maya for over four years now. She was my very first Tantric-fbsm experience and I've tried others over the years but my experiences with Maya are still the best. I've been to several of her sanctuary locations and they have all been clean and upscale. She greets you with a big smile and a hug at the door. We usually sit for a bit to relax and chat. Wonderful music plays during the sessions that's both relaxing and sensual. As she works she often harmonizes with the music creating an experience that's kind of otherworldly drawing you deeper into the sacred space. The space, the sounds, the smells of exotic oils, the touch all work together to draw you into your bliss. Maya is completely professional. Never once has she flaked or cancelled. Always absolutely genuine and open, believing in what she's doing. I'm certain she has a natural gift for this along with being very well informed and trained. I can say she's had a very real and positive affect on me as well as being a lot of fun to be with. Now, the fun part. She is a knockout. Thin, but fit with wonderful curves. You never see her face in the pictures, but I assure you she is lovely. Soft smooth skin. Wonderful cascading hair. Beautiful eyes. Always clean and smelling heavenly of her essential oils. The whole experience with her is truly transcending, leaving you elevated and grinning for days. Oh and by the way, she's smart as a whip. Just a really lovely creature inside and out.”

~ B.J. / Santa Cruz, CA (Aug 2015)


“I've seen Maya Azul...too many times to count. If you have never received a sensual massage before, look no further. If you have prior experience, your journey ends with Maya in Eden. Beautiful beyond words. Intelligent and charming, fun and delightful. Deep, penetrating eyes of polished granite that belong on a sculpted masterpiece in the Louvre. You are in the presence of an angel. If you happen to be favored with the sweetest melody from her mesmerizing voice, you are blessed indeed.”

~ T.D. / Chicago, IL (Sep 2015)


“Maya is heaven sent! I have seen other providers, yet always come back to Maya….again and again. I have been seeing her for years. I consider her a friend, confidant and a gifted dakini. She welcomes me with open arms every time and makes me forget about my daily stress. It is a much needed escape to a higher plane. She is breathtakingly beautiful, easy to get along with, incredibly smart and very funny. Her coaching is authentic and pure, her touch is intuitive and healing, and her siren song is captivating and soothing. Naturally, I’d like to keep her all to myself, but to do so would be to rob the world of one of its greatest treasures. Go see Maya and experience her magic for yourself. ”

~ J.M. / San Francisco, CA (Sep 2015)


Archived 'RedBook' Reviews 2011 - 2014

“Incredible session! Left me speechless. I imagine it will be a couple days before my feet touch the ground again!”

~ agent_Eighty6 (Jan 2014)


“Since this was my first time, I went with the 2 hours. Really enjoyed my time with Maya.”

~ Hans16 (Apr 2013)


“Beautiful woman, great time!”

~ rptor (Nov 2012)


“Amazing! Maya made me forget my problems and I still think about my experience with her.”

~ purplechip (Oct 2012)


“Took me beyond…”

~ olasronin (Sep 2012)


“A provider who understands eros, agape, love and presence”

~ bioengineered (May 2012)


“A lovely, magical spirit.”

~ ridgelife (Dec 2011)


“Very glad I came back for a second visit!”

~ bioengineered (Oct 2011)


“An Extraordinary provider, with superb Service! Light years beyond CMT! Celestially sensual.”

~ urbanshaman (Jun 2011)


“Maya is incredible and completely blew my mind.”

~ bioengineered (Jun 2011)


“Beautiful woman, wonderful tantra session, she takes great care of you, left me dizzy, will repeat!”

~ randomdude (Apr 2011)


“The sexiest, most beautiful goddess my eyes have ever seen anywhere in the galaxy!”

~ ilovethegoddess (Mar 2011)

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Money exchanged in legal personal services for this appointment is simply for time, companionship, and coaching. Nothing else is ever offered nor implied. Anything that may or may not occur is a matter of personal choice and personal preferences between two or more consenting adults of legal age and is not contracted for, nor is it requested to be contracted for in any manner. This is not an offer of prostitution and no fees will ever be accepted for illegal activity. I do reserve the right to decline appointments as I deem necessary.

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